Automobile Plant «URAL»

The Automobile Plant "Ural" is one of the largest manufacturers of all-wheel drive heavy-duty trucks in Russia

The company history began on November 30, 1941 – on that day the USSR State Defense Committee resolved to organize Motor and Foundry productions in Miass, evacuated from Moscow Stalin Automobile Works (ZIS). On July 8, 1944 the first truck was manufactured on the Works assembly line. For this period, the company has produced about one and a half million vehicles. Since 2005 the Automobile Plant "Ural" is a part of "GAZ Group" the biggest Russian automotive holding.

  • Miass

    Chelyabinsk region

  • 1941

    The foundation of the Works

  • 1944

    The first truck left the assembly line of the Worksк


The Automobile Plant “URAL” includes facilities for welding, painting and assembly of automotive vehicles, as well as productions of the automotive components: foundry, machining, stamping, metal processing and thermogalvanic shops.


Automobile Plant “URAL” produces all-wheel drive trucks and chassis with wheel arrangement 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 and load carrying capacity from 4 to 23 tons; crew buses based on "Ural" AWD trucks with wheel arrangement 4x4 and 6x6. The product portfolio of the plant includes an upgraded family of "Ural-M" AWD trucks in versions with conventional cab and cab over engine, as well as a new family of "Ural NEXT" bonneted trucks. In total, the range is represented by more than 250 variants and versions of vehicles.

The scope of "Ural" trucks application is very wide. The trucks of the Automobile Plant 'URAL" are capable to operate at an altitude of up to 4500 m above the sea level, at the ambient temperatures from -50 to + 50 ° C. They are capable to surmount snow virgin terrain up to 1 m depth, ditch from 0.6 to 1.2 m wide, upright wall up to 0,55 m, upgrades of 31°, hillside of 20 °, fords of 1.75 m depth. The cross-country ability of "Ural" trucks is provided by a powerful engine, special design of driving axles, central tire inflation control system. "Ural" model range has a high degree of commonality of units and components which allows for reduction in the cost of maintenance and operation.


Due to unique off-road capability the "URAL" trucks are used in the full range of industries for implementation of projects strategically important for the Russian economy and perform the most versatile tasks.

Geography of sales

The sales of "Ural" trucks in Russia and the CIS are performed through a dealer network which includes 30 truck sales centers, 102 certified service centers, 73 spare parts sales centers. The main customers are large oil and gas companies and government agencies.

In the segment of all-wheel drive the Automobile Plant "Ural" holds about 35% of the Russian market.

The volume of export deliveries of the Automobile Plant "Ural" is around 30% of total sales. The main export regions are Africa, Middle East, Latin America, South-East Asia.

карта мира


of total sales

  • 30

    truck sales centers

  • 102

    certified service centers

  • 73

    spare parts sales centers

New developments

In 2015 the Automobile Plant "URAL" started the production of a new family of the "Ural NEXT" trucks. About 50 changes and technological improvements are implemented in the trucks design. The cabin for the new generation of off-road trucks was developed on the basis of "GAZelle NEXT" and "GAZon NEXT" cabins in the United Engineering Center of "GAZ Group". "Ural" cabin module is produced in series on Gorky Automobile Plant capacities; the modern YaMZ-536 engine is manufactured at the Yaroslavl Motor Plant which is also a part of GAZ Group.

Keeping traditional benefits of a legendary brand i.e. unique cross-country capability and high functionality, the "Ural NEXT" trucks have the increased reliability and comfort, improved steerability and operational efficiency. The implemented technical solutions allow of providing the improved maintenance condition: truck warranty is 24 months or 100 000 km of run, service interval is 15 000 km.

Production Technology

The Automobile Plant "Ural" applies GAZ production system principles to its activities; due to that production efficiency increases with maximum focus on the customer, all forms of loss are eliminated and each employee is involved in the organization of the improvements. GAZ Production System affects all enterprises of "GAZ Group" and is an integral part of all processes starting from the procurement of materials and components to the finished goods sales.

The advanced technologies and tools which are also implemented at all enterprises of the holding are applied to control products quality at the Automobile Plant "Ural". In particular, the CSA tool (Customer Satisfaction Audit) is used at the Plant and allows carrying out an independent quality evaluation of the truck from the customer side.

Quality management system of the Plant is certified for compliance with the requirements of the international standards ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 9001: 2008. A transition to more rigid standard - ISO / TS 16949 is being prepared.

Education and development

The Automobile Plant "Ural" establishes all necessary conditions for the ongoing development and professional growth of the employees. There are 67 staff development programs on the Plant. The cooperation with industry-oriented educational institutions allows preparing high potential staff. The profession-oriented excursions and work practice for pupils and students are conducted at the Plant.

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