GAZ Group presents vehicles for construction sector based on Ural-M new family at the Construction Equipment and Technologies Exhibition

At the Construction Equipment and Technologies 2014 Exhibition Ural Plant of GAZ Group presented the special vehicles for construction industry: the truck-tractor, the sided flatbed truck, the crew bus, and the fuel servicing truck. The vehicles were developed on the basis of upgraded all-wheel drive Ural-M family of vehicles, which will include a full line of conventional and cab-over-engine trucks with 4x4 and 6x6 axle configurations. The start of the new family sales is scheduled for the second half of 2014.

More than 40 changes and improvements related to major assemblies, units and systems were implemented in Ural-M vehicles. The vehicles are equipped with the upgraded drive axles and transfer case, the pneumatic actuator brake system instead of the pneumohydraulic one, YaMZ-536 engine with three power adjustments: 240/285/312h.p. (Equipped with YaMZ, ZF and Fast Gear gearboxes), RBL integral steering with the built-in booster. The new technical solutions have improved the car weight parameters (capacity is up to 13 tons, gross vehicle weight is up to 22,5 tons, GCW is to 38 tons, front axle load is up to 6,5 tons) and optimized the performance (increased the maintenance intervals up to 15 K. km, the warranty period is up to 50 or 18 months, the useful life of the vehicle is up to 350 K. km).

Russian dropside truck with crane manipulator

The sided flatbed truck on the “Ural” chassis (6x6) with manipulator crane is used for transportation of 7,7 tons weight of cargoes, the length of sided platform is 6,09 m.

Russian truck URAL

The improved tractive and dynamic performance of Ural (6x6) tractor-truck with manipulator crane make it efficient for all the road conditions, including public roads and cross country.

Special bus for transportations of passengers on all kinds of roads The Ural-3255-3013-79 crew bus (6х6) with improved useful qualities is the cab-over-engine version with theupgradedbox van body. The vehicle is meant for transportation of passengers and shift teams by all types of roads and areas. URAL-M - gasoline truck

The fuel servicing truck on Ural-5557-4112-80 chassis (6х6) is meant for light petroleum products transportation, long-term storage and fueling different vehicles and equipment.