GAZ Group launches sales of Ural-M truck

GAZ Group launches sales of Ural-M truck

Ural Plant of GAZ Group launches series production of AWD Ural-M trucks. On October 8, the dealer network in Russia launches sales of the modernized vehicle family. Re Ural-M retains conventional advantages of the legendary brand such as unique off-road capacity and multifunctional use, and at the same time show high safety and comfort, improved handling, and operational efficiency.

Representatives of the dealer centres of Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Tyumen, Surgut, Novy Urengoy, Nyugan, Krasnoyarsk, Ukhta, Irkutsk and Khabarovsk will tomorrow make presentations of new Ural-M for the customers and sell it to the first buyers. The vehicles will be used in oil and gas industry, forestry, road building and other branches.

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The regional dealers and service centres were duly prepared for sales and maintenance of the modernized vehicle family before the sales launch. The services centres are equipped with all the required equipment, operational and technical documents, spare parts and consumables. Moreover, Ural Plant provides for the best and most favourable support programs at all the stages of vehicle ownership, including programs with the minimal first instalment, zero price mark-up, instant transaction processing, minimal set of documents, trade-in of the old vehicles, purchase according to the scrapping program, etc.

The Ural-M family that is developed on the base of Ural-4320 series chassis consists of a range of vehicles with 4x4 and 6x6 wheel arrangement both in cab-behind-engine and cab-over-engine versions.

About 50 changes and technological improvements were introduced to the design of Ural-M in the course of development.

Capacity and efficiency

— The maximum permissible load to the front axle is increased from 5.3 to 6.5 tons, and carrying capacity of chassis grows from 12 to 13 tons. The loaded weight can reach 22.5 tons, while gross combination weight is 38 tons.

— The vehicles of the family can be equipped with in-line six-cylinder YaMZ-536 Euro-4 engines with the capacity from 240 up to 312 h.p., and two gearbox options – modernized five-gears’ YaMZ-1105 and nine-gears’ ZF 9S1310TO. The vehicles can also be equipped with V-type six-cylinder YaMZ-65654 Euro-4 engine with the capacity of 230 h.p.

— The input torque is increased by 1.5 times due to the transfer case modernization.

— The average fuel consumption is reduced by 8 %.


— The reinforced frame is mounted on the chassis for extended versions.

— The modernization of axles allowed for increased durability of systems.

— The application of modern on-board network made by Tyco and AMP, as well as heavy-duty and highly durable clamps made by Schlemmer and Hellermann provides for the safe connection and failure-safe electric connections, increased safety in vehicle operations, and elimination of power loss in the network.

— The vehicles are equipped with propeller shafts with the new design that allows increase in the input torque almost by two times and significantly increase the cardan drive durability.


— Driving comfort and controls operation allows for improved driver’s ergonomics.

— More comfortable access to the cabin.

— Electronic instrument cluster facilitates data perception by the driver.

Handling and safety

— Steering system: The vehicles of the modernized family are equipped with RBL steering system of integral type with the integrated hydraulic amplifier. This allowed for reduction in the power applied to the steering wheel, as well as maintenance and repair costs.

— The pneumatic drive of the transfer case and parking brake system provides for improved ergonomics and system safety.

— Ural-M trucks are equipped with fully pneumatic brake system with WABCO components that allows for high driving safety and efficiency.

— The wheel differential lock of the middle and rear axles with pneumatic actuator that allows to pass even the worst off-road is now installed to the basic version of all the vehicles of the family.

— In order to increase the fuel range, most base versions are equipped with an additional fuel tank.

The improved performance characteristics and reliability of Ural-M allow for reduction of the ownership costs:

— The maintenance interval is increased to the mileage of up to 15 k km ,

— The warranty period is extended to the period of up to two years or the mileage of up to 100 k km.

Viktor Kadylkin, the Managing Director of Ural Plant, said: «The new solutions applied to the vehicles of Ural-M family allow for significant improvement of their operational performance. The vehicles of Ural-M family comply with the modern standards of ergonomics, safety and reliability. High flexibility of the chassis for mounting of the superstructures - cab-behind-engine and cab-over-engine versions, several cab types, broad range of installed lengths of frames – allow for production of all the existing and perspective types of specialty vehicles on the base of Ural-M